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I want to tell you about some excellent service we got this week from the folks from Waldron’s exhaust (

Over the past few years I developed a strong desire to put stainless steel brakes and exhausts on every old car I own and work on. These cost more up front, but save me or the car owner lots of money in the long run. And they eliminate storage problems. I have most hydraulic brake parts relined by Brake & Equipment Warehouse ( in Minneapolis . I have lines made up by Classic Tube ( in New York and I get my stainless exhaust systems from Waldrons.

The other day an exhaust system arrived for the ’66 Catalina 2+2 that customer Don Anderson has in 3Gs. As you can see in the photo, we unpacked it from the carton and laid it out on our Race Deck floor. After one look, we knew the front pipes were not going to fit our manifolds.

After a call to the Pontiac 2+2 Registry ( we pinned down a cause. The system we received was for a 421 HO engine and the car has a standard 421 with shorter exhaust manifolds.

So we email Ruth at Waldrons. In a short while we received a reply that said they would gladly correct the situation right away. In addition, since Don needs his car ready by the latter part of June, Ruth offered to bring the replacement pipes to Wisconsin. It seems that her family has a cabin in Wisconsin and she is going there the first week of June.

Things could not have worked out better and that is one of the advantages to working with quality folks like the crew at Waldron’s.

And on top of all that, I learned a little more about the Pontiacs I love!

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