Shrunken '55 Chevy? Nope, it's a Vespa!

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I'm working on a story about three Vespa 400s (cars, not scooters) that I have seen at shows and they really reflect the great diversity of the old-car hobby.

The first car is bone stock. The second car is mostly stock, but dressed up with shinier paint, two-tone upholstery and chrome engine parts. The third car is an all-out drag racing machine with a Chevy 454 big-block stuffed into it. If you squint, it even looks like a shrunken '55 Chevy.

(Strangely enough, all three cars are from indiana. If anyone knows why that might be the case, please let me know.)

I think that all three of the cars are very cool. Lots of fun whether stock, custom or race.

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