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Car enthusiasts are a hearty lot and my weekend visit to the Lefthander Chassis Racers' Trade Show and Seminar in Roscoe, Ill., proved it. I have seen many things during my 37 years of involvement in the old-car hobby, but this was the first time I ever saw people arriving at a car event on snowmobiles!

The weatherman had predicted 3-5 inches of snow on Thursday night -- just before the show started on Friday. After that, the area was supposed to get only light snow showers. No such luck! The 3-5 inches wound up being 6 inches and then another 8 inches of the white stuff fell on Friday night. Riding down Illinois State Hwy 251 on Saturday morning, on the way to the show, I saw at least four cars in the ditch. But the racing enthusiasts still came, along with some car collectors who wanted to see Wayne Lensing's Historic Auto Attractions Museum.

Here's my opinion on the whole thing. If car enthusiasts are willing to ride snowmobiles through 14 inches of snow to attend a January trade show, I doubt if they are going to stay away from car shows this summer just because the banks are in trouble and the carmakers need government bailouts. That's not to say that economics are not going to affect us all, but somehow we all know that the problem is only temporary and cyclical and we are just not going to let it hold us down!

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