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Tony Azcona, of Merrillville, Ind., may own the only wrecker like his in the United States. Well-suited for hauling MGs, Triumphs and Vauxhalls — not to mention Morris Minors — his tiny towing machine originated “across the Pond.” It is a rarity in this country and it’s for sale if you need something to haul around your British sports car or “Shooting Brake.” The truck was originally made to order for the British Military and put into storage for future use. Later, around 1968, it was sold at auction by the British government, which wanted to eliminate surplus vehicles. A local service garage and repair shop in Wales purchased it. Since most British vehicles — other than your occasional Rolls-Royce long-wheelbase limo — are smaller than American cars, the proprietors of the shop used the Austin as a tow truck. It was in regular service until about 1999. Tony Azcona came across an ad for the Austin Gipsy tow truck. He flew to the East Coast to buy it and drove the Austin to Indiana over the Lincoln Highway. In 2006, Azcona lost his job and hasn’t found steady work since. “I guess there's no jobs for a 53-year-old accountant,” he notes. He has to sell the tow truck. Its English-made tow crane is large and heavy. Some have guessed that it may have come off a British warship, but Tony says, “I can't vouch for that.” He can vouch for the fact that he’s selling for less than he has invested. His asking price is $4,100. He can be reached at if interested.

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