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Something Special For Kids

The Lake Compounce amusement park in New England is doing something to get kids interested in old cars. The facility – the oldest amusement park in the country and the largest water park in Connecticut – has added a new ride that takes parents and kids on a journey through the 1950s in a scaled-down 1956 Corvette.

The new Zoomers Gas ‘n’ Go attraction is part of Lake Compounce’s long-term strategy for development. The 1956 Corvette replicas ride on an electric rail. The mini versions of America’s greatest sports car will pass a gas station, travel under a bridge, go by a car wash and finally wind up at a drive-in movie theater, complete with a ‘50s style concession stand.

The park says it is offering Zoomers Gas 'n' Go as something special for families and younger patrons. We think that anything likely to interest kids in the old-car hobby is just great.

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