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Somewhere West of Lockhaven

Is that old car trying to tell me something?
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I know that the old car on the trailer was a symbol, but I don't know what it meant. But let's go back to years ago, when I wanted to be an "old car writer." There didn't seem to be much chance of that ever happening, but my father encouraged me to try it. He gave me model cars, bought me car magazines and generally encouraged me every step along the way. Dad died last week at 85 years of age, after fighting cancer for the past few months. I drove from Wisconsin to New York and was able to see him before he left us. I was on my way home yesterday and I had stopped in Lockhaven, Pa., to visit classic car collector and auctioneer Grant Miller. I will tell you more about Grant later this week, but back to the car on the trailer. I came up on it after leaving Grant's place. The semis were weaving out around the slow-moving trailer. The car was a '30s "trunk sedan" that looked much like my oldest car. It had just been blasted and had no fenders, hood or front sheet metal, but it still was up on tires and the engine was in place. I was trying to figure what it was. When I pulled alongside, I noticed a large circle stamped on the left side of the inline flathead with an Indian head inside. It was my car! A 1936 Pontiac Touring Sedan! It even had the same type of tires. I got off the next exit, then hopped back on Route 80 so I was now behind the old car. I tried to figure a safe and sensible way to communicate with the driver of the white pickup, but there didn't seem to be one. At Route 79 they pulled off and headed south towards Pittsburgh. I followed them, hoping they would get off the first exit. No luck, so I turned around and went north back to Route 80. I still think that seeing the car was a symbol of something. You just don't see that many '36 Pontiacs. But I can't quite figure out what it meant. What do you think?

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