South Amboy Chevy Dealer Ran a Hot Chevelle

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One of the more interesting displays at Chevy Vettefest last week was a large collection of memorabilia related to a particular 1970 LS6 Chevelle convertible that driver Dave Allen drag raced. The car was built by Truppi-Kling Competition and sponsored by Briggs Chevrolet, of South Amboy, N.J. The racing car was a dark blue Chevelle with a white cpnvertible top. A convertible was used because it weighed a few more pounds than the Chevelle coupe and placed the car in a different class than other Chevelles. This car had anumber of big wins all over the country and was a national record holder in the SS/EA class with an 11.33-second run. I am currently looking for any and all information about this car for a proposed featutre article.

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