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4th Annual Milwaukee Masterpiece
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Angelo Van Bogart did not have to travel all the way to Pebble Beach to see a great Concors d'Elegance. After three previous stabs at presenting the perfect car show, Leon Flagg, Sarah Drilias, John Ling and their hardworking volunteer staffs achieved that goal with the 4th annual MASTERPIECE event ( on the Milwaukee lakefront.


 It was partly a combination of great weather, a great location and great cars that added up to a near faultless event, but there were other factors, too. Most of the cars were arranged in "circle of elegance" style on the grass in a park that fronts Lake Michigan and each circle had its own host to welcome car owners and congratulate the class winners. Believe me, it was just a wonderful event and by Tuesday, Loeon was flooded with congratulatory messages from both partipants and attendees.

Angelo also wrote about "Waiting for the Sting" at Pebble Beach (a Yenko Stinger Corvair in the auction there) and I can personally attest to the fasct that you did not have to wait for a sting in Milwaukee. While standing on the chow line, I felt a pinch on my arm and it turned out to be a hornet (not the Hudson type, either). By Monday, my arm was was pretty puffed up, but fortunately it calmed down today.

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