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Stanley SquidBrite work light
Flexible rubber groove stand grips around objects or uneven surfaces
Detachable from stand for placement in tight spots
Rechargeable up to 6 hours of runtime
20 Ultra bright LEDs
Heavy duty magnetic backing for placement on metal surfaces
AC charging adapter inluded

Model no. STASB0109

The above is a product description for a handy little light that Stanley Tool demonstrated to me at last year's SEMA Show. Later I got my hands on one of these tools (they're only around $40) and it's proving to be one of those things you use every time you work on a car. Just recently I was stripping the old electricals out of a 1960 Daimler SP250 and the Squidbrite work light allowed me to see everythig I was doing without dragging around a cord or setting up elborate stands or brackets.

In some cases, I just wrapped the squid's flexible legs around a handy part and was able to perfectly position it with very little hassle. In other instances, I simply slid the "head" off and fastened its magnetic bottom to handy metal parts molded into the Daimler's fiberglass body.

The Squidbrite light is, of course, a take off on the popular "snake lights" that date back a few years. However, the execution is much better. Someone put lots of thought into designing the "squid" and that makes it a wonderful tool.

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