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Do you prefer a car to that's totally stock or one that rocks because a few things that didn't work well in the first place were upgraded? That's the debate that Shane Hanke and I were having at Gunner's Great Garage on Monday past. While I like my early '50s MG T Series cars totally stock, Shane is an expert on the newer MGB's and he has no problems putting twin carbs on a '76 model or swapping out the failure-prone early electronic ignition for something more reliable. "Shane," I said. "Collectors want ORIGINAL stuff on their cars." he shot back, "MG B owners want their cars to have the things that work the best." He and I are about 180 degrees apart on these things and I'm sure some of you will understand my view and others will agree with him. But I'm wondering which approach has the most fans. If you read this and have an opinion, please tell me wht you think. -- Gunner

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