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Did you ever wonder how much your collector car would bring if it crossed the block at one of the classic car auctions you see on television? Hiring a professional appraiser could help pinpoint the car’s market value, but might cost you as much as $300.
But here’s a great deal. You’ll be able to get an accurate “mini appraisal” for just $15 at the Treasures of the Past (T.O.P.) Appraisal Fair in Manawa, Wis., on April 28. In addition, if your wife or kids collect any kinds of other antiques, you can get those appraised the same day.
T.O.P. price estimates will be done by two separate appraisers. John Gunnell–the original editor of Old Cars Price Guide will be doing the car appraisals. Mark Moran who has compiled many price guides on a variety of antiques, will be appraising other collectible items.
The T.O.P. Appraisal Fair will take place April 28, 2012 from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. at the Masonic Lodge, 510 N. Bridge St., Manawa. That’s just one road south of Gunner’s Great Garage right on Hwy 110/22. Appraisals will cost only $15 per time slot and one item will be evaluated per time slot. There is a limited number of slots so early registration is encouraged.
The Appraisal Fair is sponsored by the Manawa Chamber of Commerce. To register call (920) 596-2495 or visit Local residents can also register at Eastling Insurance, Manawa City Hall or Sturm Memorial Library. Food and refreshments will be available as well as a limited number of vendor tables. We are also hoping to incorporate a car show at the Masonic Lodge the day of the Appraisal Fair so feel free to drive your collector car.

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