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When you go to a car show, I guarantee that you're going to windup with flyers for other events. Either you'll pick them up at a table near the entrance or there will be a big pile of them on the seat of your car. You'll take them home and probably never look at them again. If you do run across one, it will be weeks after the show date and it usually be a show that you would have liked going to.

Flyers are a cheap way of advertising an event, but like my girlfriend Linda said last week, "The trouble is they all look the same; there's nothing exciting about them." I had never thought about that before, but she is probably right. Although they come in different colors, there's nothing about most of these flyers that "grabs" you and makes you want to read them.

Most flyers are in small print trying to tell you everything about the show, from the basic Where? and When? down to listing each class there will be. (That last information can actually keep people away, if another show on the same date has classes that favor their type of car).

Often a flyer is the only advertising a show gets and that seems short sighted. I generally use the free Old Cars Weekly calendar of events as my show planning guide. So if a show doesn't advertise itself in OCW, I probably won't get there, even if I have their flyer in my flyer pile.

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