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OLD CARS WEEKLY weekly started a magazine called CAR CLASSICS that later morphed into CAR COLLECTOR. Chet Krause owned it in the '70s. It did not do well and, after a few years, Chet gave the magazine to the editor to fulfill subscription obligations. He took it to a publisher in california, sold it, and started his own book company called Sunshine Publishing House. He bought ads in OCW and wasn't able to pay the ad bills. He then started writing for us under the pen name S.P. House. So, here we were trying to collect money from Sunshine Publishing House while we were paying S.P. House to write stories for us. Pretty weird, huh? One day old S.P. inadvertently left a check register stub in the same envelope he sent a story in. After that, the gig was up. Today he'd never get causght because most stories are sent in by email.

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