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It's a good thing they have cameras or I'd probably have forgotten half of the fun times I had while working at OLD CARS WEEKLY. In the pole building where I keep my personal cars and bikes there is a photo of a younger, black-haired Gunner standing beside my wondeful boss Chet Krause and Mr. Tom Monaghan, the Domino's Pizza owner who jumped feet first into the old car hobby back when I was editing the weekly. And sitting next to the three of us are Gordon Buehrig and his wife Kay. Gordon was the famous car designer who did the "rolling sculpture" Cords and conrtinued turning out great cars right up through the two-seat T-Bird and beyond. I believe that well-known author Clive Custler was also the star of the parade that year. I have not been to Auburn in years, but it was always a fun place to visit for the fall Labor Day weekend event. One time many years ago, when the auction was held at the high school football field, we had to move the gigantic Father Devine Duesenberg after it stopped running while crossing the block. My good friend Richie Clyne was standing up in the car's open tonneau, with his arms outstretched like the Reverend and sang out, "Push my children! Push my children!" What a riot! Man this hobby is a great place to meet people and have tons of fun.

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