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TALES OF 40 YEARS #26 - '53 and '54 CHEVYS

The first collector car I got, back in 1972, was a 1954 Chevy Two-Ten sedan. It had about 35,000 miles and I paid $325 for it. In 1978, when I cam to OLD CARS WEEKLY I brought the car to Iola. Back then, the 1955-1957 Chevys were "The Hot Ones" and nobody was very interested in my type of car. I even purchased a 1953 Chevy parts car for $25. Eventually, someone in Minneapolis started the National Chevy Association for these cars. Today, there is a lot more interest. I think that Jesse Jame's gray primer '54 Chevy hardtop really gave the interest level a shot in the arm. Now, I wish I have my '54 Chevy back.

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