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My first OLD CARS WEEKLY trip was to Hershey about a week after I started working at OCW. At that time the well-known historian Henry Austin Clark, Jr., was one of our regular writers. In the old days the Hershey meet was smaller and a little road ran diagonally from the far end of the swap area into town. There was a very old bar on that road and we took Austie there for lunch. Historians George Dammann of Crestline books and Frank Robinson Jr. (who was the assistant attorney general of Washington State) came along with us. After lunch we took a photo of the whole gang outside the bar and then we ran it in OLD CARS WEEKLY. The headline we used underr the photo was "Hershey Bar with Nuts." That was one of my favorite headlines over the 30 years I worked there. Another was the time that Tony Hossain ran a junkyard story and headlined it "Looking for Mr. Good Car." That was a take off on a popular movie of the time called "Looking for Mr. Goodbar." And Mr. Goodbar was another candy bar made by Hershey.

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