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Only four more entries to go in this series of blogs and I can't help thinking of all the fantastic people I met in my 40 years of automotive writing and 30 years with OLD CARS WEEKLY. Chet Krause is certainly on top of the list for starting OCW and later forming an employee ownership plan that helped all his workers. Terry Boyce was the man who brought me to Iola and Tony Hossain, Chris Halla and Bob Lemke were the first gang I worked with. Tex Smith was a great boss and when he left I took the reins for awhile. It was Tex who turned Ken Buttolph into an employee and "Kenny's" exploits are legendary even today. Mary Sieber was a dainty and delightful editor and Brad Bowling was our creative genius. And today the readers are blessed with Angelo, the best editor that OCW has ever had. But the people go beyond the staff. They include hobbyists, collectors, auctioneers, movie stars, designers, engineers, historians, show promoters, racing drivers, restorers, museum curators, other writers, car builders and the leaders and members of hundreds of car clubs that make this hobby so great. All of you stand up and take a bow. You deserve it.

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