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The best thing about my 30 years with OLD CARS WEEKLY was the people I have met who are involved in this great hobby of ours. In three decades, I met literally tens of thousands of car hobbyists and I tried my darndest to answer as many of their letters and phone calls as one guy possibly could. I think I did a pretty good job. I should also point out that car hobbyists were always the most honest group the company dealt with. Among all the hobbies that Krause Publications did books and magazines for, the old car branch always got the fewst number of complaints. Of course, there were complaints and sometimes they would frustrate us. We'd knock ourselves out to keep all of the people happy all of the time, but you know what Abe Lincoln said about that. One time a man came up to the sales trailer at Hershey when Chet Krause was there. This fellow was just raving and ranting that he did not like the BEST OF OLD CARS book he had bought. Chet finally reached the end of his rope. He leaned over the counter, took the book back and tore that thick book right in half. Then he said, "Give this man his money back!" Honestly, the fellow should have kept it. The BOCs have turned into something of a collector's item today.

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