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During the 30 years that I worked for OLD CARS WEEKLY, company owner Chet Krause maintained a collection of cars, trucks and military vehicles. Chet had eclectic tastes, so we got to drive a lot of different types of machines. One I laugh about was a 1940s Peter Pirsch 4x4 fire truck that used to have problems with the four-wheel-drive system winding up. When we drove it to parades it would literally hop down the street. Chet had a yellow '57 Chevy four-door that had been in his family and I drove it to the west side of Wisconsin. On that trip the car was fine when it was moving, but overheated if you slowed down. I got a speeding ticket for going through one village too fast, but Chet paid the fine for me. The first classic car I drove was Chet's 1930 Packard coupe. It shifted like a truck and had to be double clutched, which was all new to me back then. One time I drove a military half-track in a 4th of July parade. My granddaughters went along and they thought that was really fun. I have a lot of good memories from working for Chet and having fun at OLD CARS WEEKLY.

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