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Tempting T

The “Tempting T” at the 2015 Iola Old Car Show was this 1923 roadster.

The “Tempting T” at the 2015 Iola Old Car Show was this 1923 roadster.

After my last blog about passing up a bargain-priced 1940 Lincoln Zephyr at the Iola Old Car Show you might have the impression we never spend money at the event. That’s not true by a long shot. Last year we bought a 20-ft. long aluminum, tilt-bed, car hauling trailer from Fagan Automotive.

We had a smaller enclosed trailer, but we found ourselves needing to haul larger cars and 20-ft. seemed like the perfect size. Bob Fagan had exactly what we needed and we bought it from him. We had some experience hauling cars on a heavy trailer with a wood deck and loading ramps. One of our friends nearly got hurt bad when he tripped carrying his trailer ramp. That’s when we decided to get a tilting trailer. Every time we use it, we applaud that decision.

This year we didn’t need another trailer, but guess who showed up with a “tempting T?” We saw this little ’23 roadster in Mr. Fagan’s space on Thursday, but he wasn’t around. We caught up with him on Friday and he said he had the Model T for a couple of years and really wanted to sell it. The asking price for the car was almost within our range and Bob was willing to do some horse trading.

Over the years we have learned to take a “cooling off period” so we don’t make expensive, impulsive purchases. By the end of Friday we had mulled over our options and decided to pass on buying the car.

However, we still can’t put it totally out of mind. You might say that it was a “tempting T.”

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