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Thank goodness it's Friday. This old car "business" will run you into the ground if you let it.

On Monday my friend Guy Morice delivered the '75 Ford tow truck I bought on eBay.

On Tuesday I visited Dick and Ed Casar at Done-Rite Automotive in Mosinee to get help with a "Bolt-on HP" article I'm writing. If you need 50 or so extra ponies in your car or truck, visit their Website. It was the first time I ever saw a fuel-injector flow testing machine. That's 'cause there ain't many of them, but Done-Rite has one, plus a Super-Flo Dyno.

Wednesday morning our "Coffee Clutchers" gang went for breakfast at Doc's Harley Davidson ( After breakfast at the Timeline Cafe we visited Doc's muscle car museum. If your club is looking for a great weekend tour, make Doc's your destination.

After Doc's we visited a time-passed-it-by salvage yard in Bonduel, Wis. that's loaded with great cars from the '30s to the '70s, plus a few choice newer items. When is the last time you visited a yard with two '59 Caddys, two '58 Chevy wagons and a '36 Pontiac coupe stock car? No Website, but for info call Jeff Schroeder at (715) 758-8139.

Now that Friday is here, I can relax while the rest of you do your old car stuff on the weekend.

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