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After doing four big shows in three weeks I can tell you that this hobby of ours is thriving better than the general economy and we can all thank muscle car collectors for this.

I am not a muscle car collector myself. I have older cars and newer cars; I have antique cars and sports cars. But I do not have any muscle cars. I have always been more interested in car design than in speed. A slow car that looks great is perfect for me.

But the cars I like are not the cars that are making this hobby grow. The muscle cars are the cars that are making the hobby grow. And because of that growth, the cars I like are also benefitting from the strength of the hobby.

So no matter what kinds of cars we like ourselves, I think we should all thank the muscle car fans for giving the car collecting hobby a shot in the arm. Interest in these cars is booming and more muscle cars are being saved and restored everyday. And they are bringing more and more people into the old car hobby.

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