The $15,000 Forties

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Who says collector cars aretoo expensive. As of late, I have been seeing a lot of very nice 1940s cars in the $15,000 range. A sharop-looking 1940 Buick Century Touring Sedan with dual sidemounts sold for $15,750 at a recent auction. Nice car and legitimate sale. Then a dealer let a 1940 Pontiac coupe go for $14,000. Same deal - a very nice cars. Last week, well-known dealer Leo Gephart had a 1940 LaSalle in his ad in Old Cars Weekly. The asking price was $15,750. Cars of the 1940s are very nice, high-quality, well-put-together machines that can keep up with modern traffic. The men who bought the '40 Pontiac said they were looking for a muscle car, but they just couldn't pass up such a great car at such a reasonable price. They had no idea how much the Pontiac was worth, but I heard one say, "It's gotta be worth $14,000." We couldn't agree more. If you want to buy a car this year, check out the 1940s models. You won't be sorry.

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