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The good, the bad and the crazy

Unless you've been hiding under a rock (and I don't mean a Chevy truck), you know Old Cars Weekly has experienced a size change to help delivery and to prevent the need to raise the subscription price for significant impending postage hikes. Now that the new issue is out, we're getting some great feedback with both positive and negative comments (and a crazy comment here and there).Below are unedited excerpts from longer e-mails I have received from readers of both favorable and not-so-favorable comments (last names and addresses have been withheld):


"Love the new format, looks terrific, easy to read and fits nicely in my file cabinet." – Rick

"I have been subscribing for several years 36 months at a time, but will not renew my subscription when it ends. The new child size is a joke, change is good sometimes but not the kind of change that you and OBAMA have delivered!!! For the worse!" - Judy"Just received the new weekly in the mail yesterday and really like the size so much better. So glad you changed the size no matter what the reasons, on top of all that your publication is the most enjoyable one I receive and I receive many. Keep up the super work." - Chuck"I can't believe the USPS yesterday when my OCW 4-8 and new format 4-15 arrived the same day. Enjoyed the dual four '57 Chev..." - Philippe"The new format just seems cheap and so uninspiring. I realize there are reasons for making the change, the first, I have to believe, is for cost considerations, a factor in all of our lives. I did not happen to have delivery problems. I so much liked the more "meat'y," larger, folded papers, w/ occasional "slick" covers, maybe that will happen w/ these, too." - Ed"Your new down sized edition makes sense, both cost wise and for convenience." - Roy

"I just received my newly-formatted OCW today, and you have a winner. I've been a subscriber for about 40 years and this is quite an improvement. I've seldom had mail delivery problems, but I really like the new look." - Doug

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