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The hunt for a hauler

Interest in new trucks is down right now, but in the collector-vehicle hobby, trucks remain as strong as ever. And rightly so, for at least two reasons: There have been many exceptionally good-looking trucks built through the years, and the utility of a truck is a necessity to the person who does his or her own work around the house and in the garage. Of course, that includes car collectors like you and me.

Before last fall, I just couldn’t justify adding a truck to my overflowing driveway. But last summer, I found myself begging and borrowing a friend’s spare truck as the parts associated with my projects increased in size. Perhaps subconsciously, I began steps last summer that would lead me to needing a truck. The Caprice was sold, I had a Cadillac engine ready to go to the machine shop and then found myself needing a winter beater. By fall, I knew I could finally justify owning a full-size truck as a daily driver, gas mileage be damned.

Shopping for a truck was as much fun as I have had looking for a vehicle in a long time. Selecting the make, year and configuration provided hours of entertaining research. Being a fancier of vintage vehicles, I went in search of a truck with a traditional two-wheel-drive, regular cab arrangement (and, hopefully, a stepside box if I found a Chevy). After searching for 1999-and-newer Ford F-250 Super Duty trucks, 1998-and-newer Dodge Rams and 1999-2002 Chevrolet Silverado 1500s, I bought a two-wheel-drive 2000 Chevy heavy-half that was a steal. The clincher was its long box for carrying fenders and its tow package for hauling home more project cars.

It will be some time before modern trucks like my 2000 Chevrolet are collector vehicles, and they will never be as good looking as the Fargo Sweptside or Hudson trucks recently featured in Old Cars Weekly, but with the growing collectability of trucks, I plan on keeping mine in top shape for that day.

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