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Ken Buttolph stopped by at Gunner's Great Garage today to chat about the "survivor" '51 Buick we've been trying to sell for an estate. Well, we wound up chatting for several hours and it struck me how people in the hobby would love to hear all the stories Ken has to tell. For the 20 years or so that he worked for Old Cars Weekly, Ken was always squawking about things like the time he drove from Wisconsin to Florida in a Nash-Metropolitan. He took a jar of peanut butter and a loaf of bread to eat and made the trip for $11, all of which he spent on gas. Then, there was the story . . .

Ken was such a story teller, that when he started a story about, say a yellow Hudson, we would all bellow "Oh no! Not the yellow Hudson story again!" (even if we never heard the story). And, naturally it didn't matter whether we had heard the story or not; if Ken was in the mood to chat, you were going to hear the story. No ifs, ands or buts.

Maybe I've been having a case of Kenny story withdrawal, but when he rattled off a few of his tall tales today, I couldn't help thinking about what a great book his stories would make. I wonder why Old Cars Weekly never did that book? I'm sure that it would be a best seller.

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