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The Man With Thousands of Heads (Jot This Down)

If you are fixing up a later model collector car (say a Chrysler K car convertible or a 5.0-liter Mustang) and you find yourself needing a cylinder head, you might want to try looking for Timothy H. Starcher or a business called J & C Enterprises on eBay or the Internet. Tim's eBay handle is race114183. I have no idea what the numbers mean, but I know his son is a top-notch young drag racer. Tim reconditions cylinder heads and sells them on eBay. He once told me he has thousands of heads. When he fixes them they look and work like new.

If Tim doesn't have the head you need listed on eBay you can call him at (304) 366-4636 or email him at and if he has a head, he'll list it on eBay for you to buy-it-now. While you are asking Tim about the price of the head, also ask him about other parts you need from gaskets to camshafts to rockers. On the last engine we built, Tim's price on the parts was exactly half of that of a national auto parts chain and he was also able to ship them faster direct to my house. The chain store had to order from another store and had slower delivery. Oh, did I mention that Tim included shipping in his price?

If you do not have a computer, you can reach Tim at J & C Enterprises, 612 Virginia Ave., Fairmont, West Virginia 26554. I have purchased three heads from him and each time I was happier than the last time. He's really a "head's up" guy.

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