The Spin on "Spinners"

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What is a "blog?" Some folks might think it's an article that gets posted on the Internet. I think it's a short, controversal, opinionated piece that inspires the public to write in so we can have a dialog.

 But I also think a blog could be used to pass information about products back and forth. I'm not talking about plugging a specific brand of product, I'm talking about sharing experiences we have with a type of product.

For example, when I bought my 4-post lift, I wondered if it was something that would be worth the cost. Now, it's about 10 years later and I wouldn't be without one. My lift is used a lot . . . it's grown dirty and ugly with oil stains and peeled paint. But it has never required any repair and it always does the job. I'm sure it has saved me more in chiropractor bills than it cost when I bought it. I love the darned thing.

Now I am thinking of buying what people call a "spinner" or a "twirler" -- a vehicle rotisserie that I can mount a car in and turn it upside down to work on. I'm checking out the various ads, brochures, videos, press kits and Internet listings for these devices. I see different designs and sizes. Some rotisseries have big pneumatic tires and some have caster wheels. I have seen styles that work hydraulically and others that use cables. And the prices go all over the ballpark, of course.

So what about it? Does anyone out there have actual experience with a rotisserie? Are they worth the money? Let's not go commercial and pitch a certain brand. Let's just talk about what it's like to own one and use one. The floor is open. Speak your piece!

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