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The Ultimate Jaguar Resource

Like all of us, I love to prove my bosses wrong. Let's say you had a great idea for a new product your company could make and the boss thought it was a bad idea and took it off thew program. Wouldn't you be angry?

That's exactly what happened to me and my side-kick Tom Collins about two years ago. We had just finished doing an exciting new book called The Standard Catalog of Jaguar when the boss came along and said it was on "permanent hold." In other words, the project was cancelled and even though we had it completely done, it was never going to see the light of day! Even though we thought it was "the greatest thing since sliced bread" it was going to wind up on the cutting room floor. Man, we were mad. (And our boss at that time was even British!)

Fast forward two years later to 2007. We have a great new boss and we have a problem. An author promised a book and didn't do it. We need something to take its place. "How about the Jaguar book?" Tom says. Why not. Let's do it. So we dusted off The Standard Catalog of Jaguar and sent it to the printer. Now, it's back and it looks just dandy.

So, now we hope the book sells like crazy. Then, when we see our old boss, we can rub it in and tell him, "See what you missed?"

We don't expect you to want a Jaguar book if you're into Chevys or Packards. But if you're the type that likes Jaguars or the type that collects every book, we hope you'll buy a copy of this one (visit to order). If we sell enough of these, we can show the old boss he was wrong. Wouldn't that be a great come-uppance?

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