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Last week I purchased another vehicle for my collection and I could not help but be impressed at how smoothly the transaction went. I saw the vehicle while attending a show and was impressed by the condition it was in. I did not buy it immediately, but after walking away, I thought about how nice it was for the price and I went back to talk to the sellers. They were a father and son who fixed older vehicles up as a hobby. They also sold parts. Everything they were selling was nice. They had a sharp-looking, very clean trailer. They said that the low-mileage vehicle had been gone through and tuned up by them. They swore that it ran great and passed every test. They had a nice title for the vehicle that was in the father's name -- not the name of someone who owned it years ago. I said I would buy it for $50 less than their asking price if they could drop it off at my home on their way back from the show. They agreed to do this and to take a check (although I was able to give them cash in the end). As soon as we made the deal, they put the vehicle back in their trailer and locked it up. It did not sit out all weekend gathering dust and fingerprints. On their way home from the show, they called me by cell phone to say they were on their way and they dropped the vehicle off about a half hour later. It still ran just as good as it did at the show. They went over the starting procedure with me and they pointed out that the original owner's manual was with the vehicle. I was impressed. I wish every purchase went so neatly and smoothly. That is the way it should be.

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