Please don't put your advertisements on my ride

I kept it for a week, but I just threw it out. I had saved it because I was going to name the culprit, but that would be negative and do no good. It's the idea that counts -- not the specifics.

At a big car show last week (I won't even name the event, because it happens at all of them) someone stuck an advertising card on my brand new pickup. They wedged it down deep into the rubber window molding. I guess that was so it didn't blow away (but they would have been better off if it did). It rained heavy that night.

The next morning I came out and it was like the card was glued to the glass. Wet pieces tore off and got stuck under the rubber molding. I thought they actually had potential to screw up the power windows.

Another card stuck under the windshield wipers also self destructed all over the glass. I wasted 15-plus minutes of my time cleaning it up.

I figure I wasted $10-$15 of my time on this stuff. And if either of those advertisers thinks I'm ever going to do a cent of business with them, they have another think coming.

Wise up folks. If you're in the business of taking care of cars that people really love, why take a chance messing them up? It doesn't help your image . . . much less your bottom line. Find a better way to advertise.

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