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Sunday starts a new experience for me. Along with my youngest son Jesse, I will be taking the Motorcycle Safety Course so that I can get licensed to drive the three motorcycles that I bought last year. To make the experience a little more exciting, we decided to take the course at Doc's Harley-Davidson in Bonduel, Wis. This will give us a chance to take another look at all the attractions "Doc" Hopkins has collected from a 30-ft. high rib-cooking Chopper motorcycle to a $5 million Hemi 'Cuda in the free muscle car museum at his dealership. Wisconsin car clubs and motorcycle collectors in particular may want to make this museum a touring destination this summer and you can find full details about it at www.docshd.com. Why not check it out?

Back to learning to ride a bike. Jesse and I have been looking fiorward to "riding the range" so we can get the "M" endorsement on our driver's licenses. The only trouble is, this is Wisconsin, where the weather is very unpredictable. Who would have thought that Uncle Weatherbee would be calling for snow in April, exactly on the days we take the 4-day course! Holy hubcaps Batman! Do we have to put snow tires on the '40 Indian to learn to ride it?

Actually, the day we start -- Sunday -- is supposed to be snowy, but it is also a classroom day for the Motorcycle Safety Course. There are supposed to be "snow showers" on Monday, but maybe we'll luck out and the forecast will improve. The rest of the days it is supposed to be cold, but sunny. With weather like this, I guess we really have to love old motorcycles to be even thinking of riding them.

Thankfully, better weather will be coming soon and we'll be able to hit the road on two wheels for some exciting rides. Maybe we'll even ride back to Doc's Harley-Davidson to see his free zoo, which is filled with gators, camels, miniature ponies and turtles that would probably give you a wilder ride than a HOG.

By the way, I volunteered to put together a first-time vintage motorcycle class for The Masterpiece (www.milwaukeemasterpiece.com), an invitational Concours d'Elegance that will be held in Milwaukee on Sunday Aug. 23. At this point I am desperately seeking show-quality vintage bikes to particpate in this fabulous event. If you have one and are willing to get involved, email me at Gunnellj@TDS.net.



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