Too Many project, Too Little Time

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I was right in the middle of the long-term restoration of my '57 MG Magnette, while also trying to deal with electrical-charging problems and a hole in the muffler on my '53 Pontiac. Then, I went out to the car-storage building/shop and saw my '48 Pontiac Torpedo. I immediately thought, "I still need to fix the parking brake on that puppy." Imagine, I went the whole summer without driving it!

Since the projects were stacking up, I broke down and took the '48 down to the Zero to 60 Garage in Sherwood, Wis. In addition to a parking brake, it needed other brake work and some new wide whitewall tires. "There, I thought, all my car problems are solved!"

Fat chance. The next day I drove my rusty-but-trusty '88 Chevy C1500 and noticed the radiator was leaking. The pickup is my "Wisconsin Winter Wheels" so there was no putting off a new radiator. Winter is coming quickly.

Once I got the truck in the shop, I remembered the bucket of Bondo I bought to finish the wheel arch repair I started last fall. So I slapped on some filler and started sanding. I also recalled that the back-up lights were not working. The problem with the lights turned out to be something called a taillight connector plate. So, now I'm fixing that, too.

Whoever coined the phrase "one thing leads to another" knew what he (or she) was talking about. In automotive terms, one project leads to another. As for me, I think I have too many projects and too little time.

My girlfriend Linda says I should sell a few of my "nice" jalopies and put together a smaller collection of nicer cars. What do you think? Is it better to have 11 "pretty good" vehicles or one or two great ones? Send opinions to the "comments" link, please.

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