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The Trouble Free Work Light and it is catching on with old-car hobbyists who want a trouble light that’s extra bright, but doesn’t get hot or short out every time you bang it against something or drop some cool fluid on it. This company wanted to develop a trouble light that would not burn you, so they used a 20-watt CFL bulb that puts out the equivalent of 130 watts and then they created a lamp housing with a reflective back that produces up to 150 watts. They charge the bulb with more phosphorous than anybody else does to get extra lighting. Then, they put twice the electronics into the base of the unit, so the light is actually ready to come on at minus 32 degrees and 15 seconds. They put spacers in between the coils of the CFL bulb to strengthen the tubing and then hand dipped the bulb twice in a water-based rubber solution to give it a ‘tuff-coated’ surface. The base of the bulb is designed with a spot that locks it into the housing, so it can’t spin. This alone reduces breakage by 90 percent. The modifications also eliminate all of the key fat wires, so the bulb won’t get hot enough to burn the user of the light. Trouble Free Lighting also uses a rubber washer to seal the socket so that water and chemicals can’t get in. That prevents any cold fluids that get on the light from shocking it and causing shorts or fires. The light also has a 360-degree hook for better positioning.
You buy the retro-fit unit for $20 and just take the lamp unit off your old work light and replace it with this one. All the parts are replaceable and everything, except the bulb comes with a 1-year warrantee. Need more info visit

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