TV trucks at IOLA '16: Semis from 'Movin' On' and 'B.J. and the Bear' to appear

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Two of the biggest trucks expected at the 2016 Iola Car Show from July 7-9 in Iola, Wis., are also two of the most famous semis of all time.

Paul Sagehorn of Sparta, Wis., will display semis made famous on the TV shows “Movin’ On,” which aired from 1974 to ’76, and “B.J. and the Bear,” which aired from 1979-1981.

The green-and-white semi from “Movin’ On” was found in an online classified advertisement and was then restored by Sagehorn.


The red-and-white “B.J. and the Bear” semi was found languishing in the Georgia grass and purchased by Sagehorn. He found the trailer in a similar state but on the opposite coast at a later date. When found in California, the trailer’s matching red-and-white paint scheme told Sagehorn he had a match.

Both semis will be featured as part of IOLA ‘16’s trucks theme, near the main exhibit.

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