Ultimate Automotive Adventure

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Boy, I must really be getting old! I see in the latest Old Cars Weekly that the Great Race (www.greatrace.com) is having its 25th anniversary. I did the race back in its second year, when it went only halfway across the country. We started in Hollywood, California and wound up in Indianapolis in time to see the Indy 500. It's hard to believe it was a quarter century ago, but I will tell you I've never forgotten that adventure. In the old days the race used to be very controversial. Some people in the hobby were against it because it was not put on by a club. Others - including me - thought it was an event that every old-car lover should see or take part in. It's really the ultimate Huck Finn-Tom Sawyer-Walter Mitty experience. This year the Great American Race travels 4,000 miles from coast to coast and if you have the opportunity to join in the fun as a spectator or partiipant, I heartily recommend that you do. It will give you good memories to keep for a long, long time. And all of us can use some of those.

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