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Unique Cadillac to cross block across the pond

When I was writing "Cadillac: 100 Years of Innovation" in conjunction with General Motors, I was contacted by Robert Maidment, a fellow Cadillac & LaSalle Club member in England with an unusual example of the wreath and crest.

Desiring a 1930s-looking car with modern convenience, Maidment and members of his company built just such a car using a 1976-'79 Seville as the foundation. I would say the result is a masterful blend of Classic Cadillac and even Mercedes styling on the solidly modern and reliable Seville platform.

After completing the unique creation dubbed the Courier Coupé in the late 1980s, Maidment drove the car tens of thousands of miles over two decades. Now, because "after 21 years it is just not being used enough and so needs a new 'active' existence," Maidment says he's ready to part with the car. Maidment said he has listed the car in the Bonhams Auction at the Goodwood Festival of Speed Auction on July 1.

Maidment says he's been asked several times over the years what the car might be worth, "so now perhaps we will finally have the answer." Well said.

As a side note, the Goodwood Festival of Speed is quite an event with a worldwide reputation for featuring top-notch vintage tin in a spectacular setting. If you live in England or are planning a trip there, be sure to check it out (and don't forget to send us a postcard).

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