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Uptodate Audio In Old Cars

Many collectors today want up-to-date audio quality and features when cruising in their old cars. They may have an AM/FM conversion done to their old radio or install a modern, aftermarket sound system.
Conversions cost a bit and replacing an original radio can hurt an old car's value. A new invention called RediRad™ solves the problems.
Invented by a former electrical engineer from Milwaukee, RediRad™ allows you to enjoy music from a CD player, iPod, Sirius/XM satellite radio, cassette player or simple portable FM radio. The RediRad™ (which stands for “rediscover radio”) is an adaptor that allows you to seamlessly “hook” modern music players to a pre-1985 car’s original radio and play through the old AM band. You hide the small device behind the dash and hook it up to any music player to play through the factory radio. Six- and 12-volt models are available. For information contact Brew City Engineering, Inc., P.O. Box180095 Delafield, WI 53018. Call toll free (877)-BCE-0203 or (262) 646-3363 for local calls. Email or

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