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VanDerBrink holds Lambrecht Chevrolet Collection second-chance auction

Kicking yourself for not bidding on the Lambrecht car of your dreams? During the next 10 days, you’ll have one final chance to buy a car or truck at no reserve from the highly publicized auction in Pierce, Neb.

According to Yvette VanDerBrink of VanDerBrink Auctions, a small handful of online bidders couldn’t fulfill their requirements for completing their purchases. Together, those bidders accounted for 36 vehicles. Some 19 of those vehicles were very rough and were sent to the crusher, but VanDerBrink saved 17-18 better vehicles that were not paid for and is offering them in a 10-day online fire sale expected to begin today, Nov. 14.

This 1.7-mile Corvair is still on MSO — and the purchaser will still get to be the first owner.

This 1.7-mile Corvair is still on MSO — and the purchaser will still get to be the first owner.

“Anyone that didn’t have a chance to buy one will have another chance, and there is some good stuff,” VanDerBrink said. “The 1963 convertible covered in vines, the 1957 wagon up by the stage, a 1962 Impala two-door hardtop, a ’63 Impala, a ’46 Chevy pickup, 1953 Bel Air hardtop, a [1.7-mile] Corvair….”

VanDerBrink said the vehicles she is offering in the online fire sale include all the documentation and the same perks bidders received at the auction. However, payment must be immediately paid by wire or credit card.

“If you figure it, we had over 160 online winning bidders,” VanDerBrink said. “Out of 160 winning online bidders, we had just a few default — that’s pretty good. The problem was that the few that defaulted won a lot of cars.

"Vanderbrink [Auctions] and Proxibid were working with one bidder that, unfortunately, had their money stolen by a trucker he hired...and the buyer could not complete the transaction," Yvette VanDerBrink said. "We appreciate all bidders, but sometimes things happen, and now we have to finish the work at hand for our seller. It's unfortunate for us and our seller, but now everyone can have a second chance at a Lambrecht car."

She added that all on-site winning bidders completed their transactions.

The final 17 or 18 vehicles will be offered in an online Proxibid auction at no reserve. Bidders will not be allowed to inspect the vehicles as they have been moved to a secure location.

“We’ve had a very successful past [with online bidders] where we usually don’t have people default, but when you have everyone in the universe wanting to participate, you are going to turn over some rocks,” VanDerBrink said.

Find the vehicles in the fire sale auction here.

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