Wal Mart, Wall Drugs, Walgreen's and Walneck's

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The other day we were shopping and stopped at Staples to get some shipping supplies. The Exxon station is right across the street, but the traffic rarely gives you break big enough to "shoot the rapids." So, we decided to go shopping and come back later on the same side of the street as the gas station. Don't you know it . . . as we pulled up, a young man was changing the sign to raise the prices again!

Yesterday gas hit a record of $3.44 and I'm thinking seriously about buying a vintage motorcycle to ride to shows. Of course, I might be better with a 3-wheeler or a side-car bike, since I have never ridden on a cycle. Old bikes are available. They don't cost all that much and they will go a lot farther on a gallon of gas than even my MG TF.

I have to decide what model to buy. Harleys are cool, but generally bring top dollar. British bikes cost less and would go nice with my British cars. Of course, you can't beat the affordability and reliability of a Japanese cycle and some of the older models are looking pretty good as they age.

Whatever I decide, I'll most likely find it in Walneck's Classic Cycle Trader (www.walnecks.com), the buy-and-sell magazine that cycle collecting legend "Buzz" Walneck started many decades ago. It's one of those "trader" publications that you can't put down once you start reading it. 

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