Washington State bill would increase collector car fees

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Washington State Bill Would Increase Fees for Collector Cars and Horseless Carriages

Legislation (H.B. 1134) has been introduced in the Washington State Legislature by Representative Fred Finn (fred.finn@leg.wa.gov) and Representative Zack Hudgins (zack.hudgins@leg.wa.gov) that threatens to require annual renewal fees for collector vehicle and horseless carriage license plates. Under the bill, the initial $35 license plate fee for these vehicles would remain and a new annual $30 renewal fee would be added. Under Washington law, a collector vehicle is any motor vehicle that is more than thirty years old, while a horseless carriage is defined as a vehicle that is more than forty years old.

We Urge You to Contact Members of the Washington House Transportation Committee (List Below) Immediately to Request Their Opposition to H.B. 1134

H.B. 1134 ignores the fact that these older cars are infrequently driven (about one-third the miles each year as a new vehicle) second or third vehicles and deserving of reduced registration fees.

H.B. 1134 singles out and targets owners of older cars as revenue boosters to compensate for state budget shortfalls.

H.B. 1134 ignores the fact that many collector vehicles are owned and maintained by low and fixed income Americans who are less able to afford a higher, annual fee.

DON’T DELAY! Please contact members of the House Transportation Committee immediately by e-mail to request their opposition to H.B. 1134. Please e-mail a copy of your letter to Steve McDonald at stevem@sema.org. Also, please forward this Alert to your fellow car enthusiasts. Urge them to join the SAN and help defend the hobby! Thank you for your assistance.

Washington House Transportation Committee

Representative Judy Clibborn - Chair
Phone: 360/786-7926
Email: judy.clibborn@leg.wa.gov

Representative Andy Billig - Vice Chair
Phone: 360/786-7888
Email: andy.billig@leg.wa.gov

Representative Marko Liias - Vice Chair
Phone: 360/786-7972
Email: marko.liias@leg.wa.gov

Representative Mike Armstrong
Phone: 360/786-7832
Email: mike.armstrong@leg.wa.gov

Representative Jan Angel
Phone: 360/786-7964
Email: jan.angel@leg.wa.gov

Representative Katrina Asay
Phone: 360/786-7830
Email: katrina.asay@leg.wa.gov

Representative Deb Eddy
Phone: 360/786-7848
Email: deb.eddy@leg.wa.gov

Representative Fred Finn
Phone: 360/786-7902
Email: fred.finn@leg.wa.gov

Representative Joe Fitzgibbon
Phone: 360/786-7952
Email: joe.fitzgibbon@leg.wa.gov

Representative Mark Hargrove
Phone: 360/786-7918
Email: mark.hargrove@leg.wa.gov

Representative Laurie Jinkins
Phone: 360/786-7930
Email: laurie.jinkins@leg.wa.gov

Representative Norm Johnson
Phone: 360/786-7810
Email: norm.johnson@leg.wa.gov

Representative Brad Klippert
Phone: 360/786-7882
Email: brad.klippert@leg.wa.gov

Representative Dan Kristiansen
Phone: 360/786-7967
Email: dan.kristiansen@leg.wa.gov

Representative Connie Ladenburg
Phone: 360/786-7906
Email: connie.ladenburg@leg.wa.gov

Representative Jim McCune
Phone: 360/786-7824
Email: jim.mccune@leg.wa.gov

Representative Jim Moeller
Phone: 360/786-7872
Email: jim.moeller@leg.wa.gov

Representative Jeff Morris
Phone: 360/786-7970
Email: jeff.morris@leg.wa.gov

Representative Luis Moscoso
Phone: 360/786-7900
Email: luis.moscoso@leg.wa.gov

Representative Jason Overstreet
Phone: 360/786-7980
Email: jason.overstreet@leg.wa.gov

Representative Chris Reykdal
Phone: 360/786-7940
Email: chris.reykdal@leg.wa.gov

Representative Ann Rivers
Phone: 360/786-7850
Email: ann.rivers@leg.wa.gov

Representative Jay Rodne
Phone: 360/786-7852
Email: jay.rodne@leg.wa.gov

Representative Christine Rolfes
Phone: 360/786-7842
Email: christine.rolfes@leg.wa.gov

Representative Cindy Ryu
Phone: 360/786-7880
Email: cindy.ryu@leg.wa.gov

Representative Matt Shea
Phone: 360/786-7984
Email: matt.shea@leg.wa.gov

Representative Dean Takko
Phone: 360/786-7806
Email: dean.takko@leg.wa.gov

Representative Dave Upthegrove
Phone: 360/786-7868
Email: dave.upthegrove@leg.wa.gov

Representative Hans Zeiger
Phone: 360/786-7968
Email: hans.zeiger@leg.wa.gov

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