Watch out, Minnesota speeders!

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I drive from the Old Cars Weekly office in Iola, Wis., to St. Paul, Minn., frequently to see family and friends and to return to some of the car shows I've been going to as a kid. I also drive an old Minnesota state Caprice, and as an old car lover, I found it interesting when the AP reported that Minnesota State Patrol's squad cars are getting a retro look.

According to the AP, the new squads will have maroon bodies with white doors, similar to how they appeared from 1960 to 1991. Currently, Minnesota State Highway Patrol squads are solid maroon with a gold stripe on the side.

The new look is intended to enable motorists to recognize troopers better, thereby enhancing officer safety. The change is also intended to make squad cars stand out from other vehicles.

Professional vehicle collectors already know there's a trend towards cities returning to black-and-white squad cars, usually from all-white schemes, in attempt to emphasize the authority of officers. Is this change to the "retro-style" of Minnesota State Patrol cars in the same flavor? I doubt we'll ever find out for sure.

Either way, I say, bring back the patrol cars of the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, if they want to go completely retro. I'd be happy to pay a ticket to an officer behind the wheel of an old Monaco!

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