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How many of you old-car hobbyists are not waiting for the holidays to get out of the way so you can scoot off to Scottsdale, Ariz. and raise your hand to buy an old car for two or three times what you can get a similar car for right down the street?

C'mon! Raise your hands!

Geez! I mean, if you read the latest issue of every classic car magazine out there, you would think that the big Scottsdale auctions are the center of the old-car universe. Not Hershey. . . not Carlisle . . . not Iola, but Phoenix and Scottsdale.

Hey, old cars are fun wherever you find them. I've been to Scottsdale and I enjoyed the show. But I just don't think that this hobby is all about high prices, greed and the flim-flam man. Some of us love old cars and we get far more real pleasure out of a club banquet, a museum visit or a Wednesday night group wrenching session than we do out of a $1 miilion Mustang.

Just my opinion. But if you agree, raise your hand!

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