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Welcome to the 'blog'

Old Cars Weekly has always been about communication. Until now, the weekly “Sound Your Horn,” “When I was a Boy” and “Reader Photos” sections, as well as the other reader-driven areas of Old Cars, were the main podiums for reader thoughts and opinions. But now there’s more.

To continue the communication-driven spirit of Old Cars, blogs have been unveiled on the Old Cars Web site as a new method of contact between Old Cars staff members and readers. On a regular basis, members of the Old Cars staff will post stories of our travels, experiences and thoughts on these blogs, sometimes with photographs. And the best part is, you can respond. So far, John Gunnell, who was been associated with Old Cars for nearly 30 years, and Auction and Technical Editor Ron Kowalke and I will be posting blogs that we hope will entertain you or get you thinking about trends in the hobby. Be sure to check back frequently to see what other Old Cars readers have to say!

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