What's Next - Studebaker?

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Around this time of year I start thinking about the SEMA Show. Hey, when you live in Wisconsin, going to Vegas in November is like escaping to heaven.

Two years ago, while on my way to SEMA, a man in the airport noticed I had an MG shirt on. He told me that he was part of a private equity company that was either bidding against or backing a Chinese automaker who was set to revive the MG nameplate. I guess he wasn't kidding either. The Chinese-built MG TF will be going on sale worldwide in 2008 and hitting the U.S. aboutr a year later.

Today I saw a report that German automaker BMW will soon be reviving the Triumph nameplate and even the famous TR model name. Since carmaking is a "copycat" industry, this trend is sure to continue. Who do you think will start producing Studebakers again or even Packards or Willys?

Come to think of it, De Soto, Oldsmobile and Plymouth might be the first brands to come back, since the Big Three" actually own the rights. In fact, maybe the new Kissel Kar will be on display at SEMA! You never know.

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