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Where's all the brass?

Recently, someone asked where all of the brass-era cars are in Old Cars Weekly, and I shared a little secret with that reader that I figured I would post on my blog: I am working with one of our contributors on a regularly appearing BRASS-ERA car column.

Obviously, it’s getting more difficult to find cars that are built during this era to write about, as fewer of these cars are present at shows. But we haven’t stopped looking for such cars to write about.

Old Cars Weekly has always covered the entire hobby, which is growing wider as more cars pass the 25-year-old mark. Also, from our "Reader Wheels" department, it appears most readers have Corvettes and Mustangs and 1950s-1970s cars. (If you have a prewar car, however, we'd love to hear about it.) However, we realize they not only want to see coverage on the types of cars they own, but older cars as well.

Old Cars Weekly was founded on the early cars, and we will not forget them. But we'll also welcome the younger collector cars to the hobby.

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