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Remember how Tom Sawyer got his friend’s to help him whitewash the fence? Well, that’s kind of thing we shot for at Gunner’s Great Garage in Manawa, Wis., on Saturday April 9.

Shane Hanke—who run’s Shane’s Classic Sports Cars at the Garage—played the role of Tom Sawyer. His white Triumph TR7 stood in for the fence. Nearly 20 hobbyists stopped by to help “whitewash” the car that day. We cleaned it with Meguiar’s Clay Bar, buffed it out, polished it up and waxed it with a variety of cool car care products that we’d been testing.

Dave Collard of Diamond Dave’s Detailing in Green Bay, Wis., (www.DiamondDavesDetailing.com) added some professional supervision to our “whitewashing” session and demonstrated some of the car detailing techniques he uses at Diamond Dave’s. It was just a great chance to learn some trade secrets before the old car show season started.

Meguiars supplied clay bar, wax, polish, cleaners, towels and tools needed for some hands-on detailing. Diamond Dave shared his experience, knowledge and talent. And Shane’s TR7 wound up looking spiffy. Now he wants to sell the darned thing. Wouldn't you know it!

Hagerty Insurance will visit GGG on May 7 for our next free classic car insurance seminar. Visit www.gunnersgreatgarage.com.

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