Who Judges the Judges?


I'm at The Masterpiece of Style & Speed show in Milwaukee this weekend and for a change I have some vehicles entered. Since you can't "drive" two Indian motorcycles from Iola to Milwaukee, I brought them down in a new 14-ft. enclosed trailer that I bought from Ron Hanson in Stevens Point, WI.

After putting the trailer in the staging area, I chatted with some of the other vehicle owners and got a new perspective on car shows. A Packard owner from Minnesota was explaining how judging at club meets differs from concours judging. Although his car did pretty well in judging at a Packard Club event, he thought that the judging procedures could have been more logical and objective/

This raises the question of "who judges the judges?" Maybe the hobby needs all the clubs and all the show promoters to get together and come up with some kind of uniform judging system so that collectors are "playing by the same rules" no matter wehat type of show they go to.

What do you think?

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