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Who Knew?

By John Gunnell

Who knew that in a barn less than five miles from Old Cars Weekly headquarters a pair of nice and very collectible 1930s cars were residing in a non-descript shed just waiting to come out into the light of day again?

Before the owner of these cars passed away, he gave each of them a very loving owner restoration with new paint, new upholstery and even proper pin striping. Although the paint has worn off the engines, it appears that both cars will require little or even no work to get them running again.

The 1930 Model A Ford five-window coupe has a layer of dust covering its black and blue paint. White pin stripes set off the beltline moldings. The wire wheels are finished in pale yellow. The brown “hopsack” upholstery may not be totally original, but it’s definitely neat and nice. New floor mats would be needed. The rumbleseat is upholstered in black leatherette.

1930 Model A For five-window coupe.

1930 Model A For five-window coupe.

Next to it sits the stately looking 1932 Chevrolet coach with the Deluxe package. That includes dual sidemounted tires on wire wheels and chrome plated hood vents. The engine in this car needs a little less paint than the Model A engine. It wears the optional American Eagle radiator cap that cost $3.50 when the car was new. Sitting nearby the car is a ’32 Chevy “coupe trunk” in black enamel that cost $22.50 new.

The Chevrolet has a gray interior that may be a LeBarron-Bonney that the owner installed or may be home done. It is nice enough, although it looks just a little “pillowy” and the corners are puffy. Some part of the Chevy seat assembly is missing so it sits very solidly on a block of wood. No big thing!

OC Blog 222 Photo 02

1932 Chevrolet Confederate Deluxe Coach.

Soon both of these cars will probably be looking for new owners. The estate will be settled up, ads will be placed and they may wind up in new homes. Or, on the other hand, they may be destined to become family heirlooms. No doubt they will both probably come out in the sun again. But who knew they were sitting there just down the highway? Wisconsin, with its farms and barns, is like that. You never know what’s hiding behind closed doors.

(P.S.: With a model name like “Confederate” that Chevrolet might have added appeal these days. They can’t change the name of an 83-year-old car, can they?)

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