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A 1957 Chrysler Airport Limo owned by Yvette VanDerBrink.

A 1957 Chrysler Airport Limo owned by Yvette VanDerBrink.

This last issue of Old Cars Weekly showed a scene that is more too common. Pieces of our American History being cubed up and shipped out to be repurposed as bulk iron to become cars, buildings, and more industrial projects.

The news came to me while I was out to dinner with my dad, Art Nordstrom. He said, “Did you see all those cars crushed in White Hall, Montana?” I said, “Whitehall, Montana?” I could hardly believe what Dad said, until I read Ron Kowalke’s article. It broke my heart.

When these cars and parts are gone.. They are GONE! I do totally understand the business decision made, and respect the owner’s choice. But again, when it’s gone... It’s gone.

There are many makes and models that the only way you can get those parts are off an original. Being a collector myself, I’ve called and scrounged salvage yards for pieces to a few of our cars and tractors. Did you know that to find the correct Bale-Clasp Air Cleaner for a 1931 D John Deere, be ready to pay up?

I’ve talked to so many guys that just need those splash panels, door handles, they just can’t find them. But, there is value in those parts and we need to respect the fact, that finding rare items are just like diamonds to collectors and there is a price to pay, quite often.

An upcoming VanDerBrink Auctions collection sale: Dr. Scherer Moving Sale on Aug. 2.

An upcoming VanDerBrink Auctions collection sale: Dr. Scherer Moving Sale on Aug. 2.

I think back to all the collections and sellers that I’ve had that “love” their collections, like children. I’m sure that it was a hard day for the owner of White Hall, Montana, to make that decision. But as collectors, we need to support the hobby and encourage new collectors.

This last week I’m in the Big Buddy Program in Luverne, Minnesota. I’m sure the little 6th-grade gal they have paired me with thinks "who is this crazy lady?" Not your typical Mom type. But, I took her to two car shows and told her all about the hobby and cars. I even gave her ride to the show in our 1939 International D2 Dealer Edition Pickup. Yes, there are no seat belts, I said. I hope she picked up something and learned some history. After all, that’s what it is – history... from past to present and our future will be determined by us, and our interests and involvement.

I think back to the Lambrecht Chevrolet Collection. All those cars in the trees, they could have been crushed just as well. History gone. Parts gone.

I remember several conversations with the family, wondering if there was value in the cars and are they just too far gone. They asked, “Is there enough value to pay for work being done?” Yes, I repeated and worked hard to tell the story of this collection. And we saved them! They are now in the hands of collectors that will enjoy them and bring them back to life.

Like my Leona – my 1953 Chevrolet. We are driving her around and we are bringing her to Iola this year. I’ll also be doing seminars and show some of the stories behind the Lambrecht Auction. Like...

Did you know?

1. Over 50 vehicles were off-site and had to be trucked back to Nebraska.

2. We charged 7 people with trespassing before the auction.

3. We had to work with the state of NE on title. Mr. Lambrecht was a de-franchised Chevy dealer and they were still treated as new cars. We received an exception to the law... to sell the cars and just one week before the auction!

We will show you pictures and tell you more stories about titles, pictures and more at Iola. Come and see my and Leona at the big show and enjoy a FREE seminar! Hey, meet Mr. VanDerBrink, too!

See you at Iola!

Yvette VanDerBrink
The Little Nordstrom’s Gal
VanDerBrink Auctions, LLC

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